Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm too lazy to argue with them

Very upsetting how Gen Y view themselves as more lazy than us. I've worked hard at doing very little and now they're taking away our title.
I am still mining a lengthy Pew Research Center report on the millennial generation -- those now mostly in their 20s -- especially a finding that says millennials are the first generation not to cite work ethic as one of their top defining characteristics. I am working on a story that will feature older employers and young people trading their observations about these conclusions, but I need your help: Which companies or industries in the Washington region should I be reaching out to?

The Pew report shows how generations regard themselves. For instance, what were the top five things that millennials felt made them "unique?" According to the report, 24 percent said technology; 11 percent noted the music and pop culture they grew up on; seven percent pointed to their liberal politics and "tolerance" of others; four percent said they were "smarter"; and five percent picked out fashion. For comparison, here are the top five defining qualities Generation X-ers picked out for themselves: Technology, work ethic, conservative or traditional values; their superior intellect; and being respectful.

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