Monday, March 15, 2010

FL dude threatens father with bone cutting scissors

And you used to think FL was just beaches and Disney.
Pierce, Sr. told deputies his son was getting upset about his health. That's when Pierce, Jr. allegedly held a "pair of black bone cutting scissors" about a foot from his father's stomach, according to the incident report.

Pierce, Jr. said he was in a "homicidal mood" and had the scissors in the bathroom because he was going to cut his hair.


Sisu said...

He looks like Leatherface's cousin

Kath said...

Maybe him and Ms. Shaver from the other day could play barber shop!!

Wek said...

Leatherface hides in fear from this guy and Ms. Shaver could be his bride of Frankenstein.

Also, just how does someone get their hands on bone cutting scissors?

Strangely, I know what this guy means about being in a "homicidial mood". I felt pretty grouchy today.