Thursday, March 11, 2010

GenXster receives a promotion

Ex-Volkswagen and Ford executive Laura Soave has gone from creating the events that help sell cars to being the one in charge of selling them. Yes, Fiat has named Soave, the woman who helped put together the 50th Anniversary Barbie New Beetle in charge of reintroducing the Fiat brand to the United States after retreating from North America's shores more than 25 years ago. Of course, Soave, 37, has also done more substantive things, including being VW's head of advertising and communications for the company's large(ish) passenger cars and SUVs. At Ford, Soave held down various positions, including "Brand DNA Manager."


Kath said...

Hey, good for her!

And yesterday was Barbie's birthday, you know! That Barbie Beetle was -- well, interesting, shall we say?? But cute.

Pretty sure I won't be posting about the birthday tho, maybe after they make matching .9mm holsters for Barbie and Ken I might. :)

Wek said...

Holsters? You mean like a Clint Eastwood western Barbie and Ken?